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Selling and Customer Engagement Skills

Selling and Customer Engagement technique is a big part of learning how to sell efficiently. This course covers Essential Selling & Customer Engagement skills every salesperson should master.

Course Objective: 

  • Define the sales process from finding new clients to servicing existing one’s
  • Identify methods for prospecting and effective territory coverage
  • Review and analyze the prospect pipeline
  • Handling Sales Objections
  • Identify Sales Objectives Understanding the Types of Selling
  • How to Close a Sale
  • Maximizing Customer Relationships

Course Outcome:

  • Create a positive impression through effective grooming while dealing with internal and external customers.
  • Develop an assertive style of communication to handle queries efficiently and create “win-win” solution.
  • Understand the psychological elements involved to boost add on sales increasing both top and bottom line.
  • Achieve immediate increase in sales conversions and bottom line. Achieve and exceed the given sales targets.
  • Build rapport and connect with people. Begin the relationship with a warm welcome experience. Communicate more effectively and assertively.
  • Understand customer’s needs effectively -Deliver better, faster service and increase customer satisfaction
  • An emotionally engaged, intelligent and spirited staff.
  • Build a Winning Sales Plan
  • Overcome reasons of Sales Failures
  • Handling Objections
  • Drive Customer Loyalty
  • Improve Margins
  • Explore your dreams and get rewarded

Corporate Soft Skills

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