This Advanced Facilities Management training programme is designed to provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of key concepts as well as ideas. Ideas regarding facility management within the engineering, production, facilities, and also maintenance sectors.

Facility Management Training in Dubai Abu Dhabi
Course Objectives

After participating in the Facility Management training, delegates will be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding of the role of the facilities manager
  2. Understand the requirements of facility management within the organization
  3. Identify skills as well as competencies required by a facilities manager
  4. Develop effective maintenance management systems
  5. Appreciate and also apply risk management techniques
  6. Incorporate key statistical methodology within maintenance planning
Course Outline

Role of the facilities management team within the organization

  1. Overview of FM
  2. Understanding the importance of FM
  3. Expectations of FM
  4. Facilities Needs Assessment
  5. Defining Hard and also Soft services
  6. Core Competencies of an FM professional
    Key elements of facilities management
  7. Understanding organizational goals as well as objectives
  8. Understanding Support Services
  9. Managing People as well as Resources
  10. Managing Premises
  11. Managing Contractors on a daily basis
  12. Managing the Working Environment
    Management as well as control
  13. Managing Internal Customer Service as well as Expectations
  14. Managing Risk
  15. Controlling Costs
  16. Service Level Agreements
  17. Contractors’ Performance
  18. Space Management
    Role & contribution of the maintenance function within the organization
  19. Overview of the maintenance function
  20. Key principles within maintenance management
  21. The impact of “uptime” on the organization
  22. The impacts of “downtime” on the organization
    Service Delivery and Performance Management
  23. Continuity of service
  24. End User Requirements
  25. Managing service providers
  26. Managing performance
  27. SLA’s / KPI’s
  28. Dealing with poor performance
    Outsourcing facility management
  29. Outsourcing decision
  30. FM as well as procurement
  31. The outsourcing process
  32. Developing the contract
  33. Specify the service
    Advanced concepts in facility management
  34. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  35. Soft Landing Framework
  36. Microgrids and smart electricity – the internet of energy
  37. Blockchains
  38. The language of smart – the internet of things
  39. ISO 41001:2018 – Facilities Management Systems
  40. FREE ADDITIONAL BONUS 1: Insight into the future as well as opportunities for facility management to leverage from technology. It will also  include brief overviews with facility management examples related to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), as well as LAP (Lean Agile Procurement). Over 25 emerging technologies are covered by the facilitator and researched from a procurement perspective. Also, PDF copies will be provided free of cost.
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