Welcome To Procurement & Supply Chain Webinar
In recent years, especially with e-commerce gaining prominence day by day, traditional warehousing roles have undergone a sea change. They are no longer idle storage places, instead, they play an ‘active’ and ‘strategic’ role in the critical logistics function.

This webinar will help participants to understand the significance of warehouses and improve warehouse efficiency to achieve the strategic goals of their organizations. It will focus on developing an efficient strategy to streamline operations, reduce costs, and optimize the supply chain for business excellence.

Webinar Highlights:

  • Evolving role of warehouses
  • Improving product flow
  • Enhancing warehouse efficiency
  • Value-addition of warehouses
  • Forum :SCM Forum
  • Seminar :Supply Chain Webinar
  • Topic :Strategic Warehousing in Modern Supply Chain
  • Date :26th August 2022
  • Time :7.00 – 8.30pm (Dubai, UAE Time)
  • Phone :+971 5458 156 18

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