ISO 20400 is an international standard that provides guidelines on sustainable procurement. The standard can be used by any organization that intends to improve its social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

The standard’s main guidelines include key sustainability considerations, integrating sustainability into the organization’s procurement policy and strategy, managing risks and opportunities, planning and integrating sustainability into the procurement processes, and measuring and improving the sustainable procurement performance.

The delegates who successfully complete this ISO 20400:2017 Internal Auditor course will satisfy part of the training requirements for initial certification as a Certificated Sustainable Procurement Internal Auditor.

Learning Objectives

The program will help the students to:

  • Explain why it’s important to have sustainable procurement
  • Become familiar with the key requirements/guidance of ISO 20400:2017
  • Know the steps required to conduct an audit
  • Increase their knowledge of procurement practices

Course Outline

  • Understand Sustainable procurement management system and its processes based on ISO 20400:2017
  • The relationship between ISO 20400:2017 and other standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • Understand the auditor’s role in planning, leading, and following up on a Sustainable procurement audit in accordance with ISO 19011
  • Interpret the requirements of ISO 20400:2017 in the context of an SP audit
  • Plan first and second party audit, draft reports, and follow up on an audit
  • Act with due professional care during an audit

Who can benefit

  • Procurement Managers. Quality Managers, Consultants & Advisors
  • Management system auditors who want to audit ISO 20400
  • Those who want to maintain ISO 20400 certification
  • Those who want to improve sustainable procurement management system in their organization