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Chartered institute of procurement and supply provides approved courses to shape your path in purchasing, supply chain, contract management & buying roles. Candidates who are keen towards procurement and supply chain field can greatly benefit from the course when going to the industry level of the profession.

A quality experience can be gained by undergoing the course from our institute. Some of the fields like Aerospace, Food, Nuclear, Chemicals, NHS/Healthcare and Oil & Gas make maximum use of this certified candidates to practice different procurement methods.

CIPS Certification course collides with industrial standards and gives a real-time experience to the candidates in performing when going to the industrial level. Following are some of the advantages of carrying out a course in CIPS that give in depth understanding of different sectors of specialization which help you fulfill your career goals.

Recognized Worldwide

CIPS Certification in  procurement and supply is taken equally by all organizations across the world meaning that the a certified candidate in the course will be recognized everywhere.

Career Progress

By undergoing a course in CIPS, a candidate will have a clear cut understanding of the concepts which is closely related to the career path which can help in the development of a person, both personally and professionally.

Choice of Business Subjects

The course gives you expertise on different subjects related to the sector like purchasing skills and relationship management. Also, it give all essentials for the business level of profession and is closely related with finding the solution for all issues in the pursuit.

Rise in Remuneration

Most of us will be worried about the salary package offered in this field has an incremental nature when compared to others like IT, finance, HR, sales and marketing etc. A high salary range can be expected at the beginner level itself which is why CIPS is a chief choice of the candidates.

Varying Skills

Getting expertise in various skills is one of the benefits of undertaking this certification course. With this, a certified CIPS candidate can travel to a wider range of professional environment where you can easily negotiate with people and capture products and services for the business.

Blue Ocean academy is a premier institute which offers certification in procurement and supply chain is one of the largest organization providing such kind of specialist courses to outfit the students with their careers best practices which can lead them to reach to a senior level within a short span of time.

Register today for CIPS certification and  training visit : http://www.blueoceanacademy.com/courses/cips.html