Best Practices in Procurement (Free Webinar)

Best practices in purchasing

Blue Ocean Academy has conducted a free webinar on the topic "Best Practices in Procurement". While the procurement function is changing at a fast pace, it is important for purchasing professionals to understand the changing trends and implement the best practices in their field. Around 70 professionals attended the webinar which made them realize the need for futuristic thinking. The speaker gave real-life examples based on experience and the future of procurement.

Percy J. Engineer facilitated the webinar. He is a seasoned professional highly regarded as an influencer and a facilitator of change. Moreover, Percy is an experienced trainer acknowledged for creating business process improvements. He has been a part of many transformational initiatives, including vendor sourcing and setting up new Procurement Policies & Procedures in a corporate career as a Country Manager spanning over 20+ years.

The following are the important points discussed in the webinar:

Purchasing is the process of obtaining goods and services from outside sources in a legal and ethical manner. This includes both procurement and contract administration. According to Porter, purchasing is one of the four support activities that contribute to the competitive advantage of a business.

Ways to ensure success in procurement

  • Get ahead when it comes to managing volatility
  • Take the next steps in digital transformation
  • Focus on deeper supplier relationships
  • Deliver value that goes above and beyond

Best practices in purchasing

The purchasing function is undergoing a lot of changes with the passage of time. It has evolved from reactive buying to proactive buying. It is no longer considered a buying activity. Instead, purchasing is an important management function that adds value to the organization. There should also be a mutually beneficial relationship between the purchasing professionals and suppliers for a better outcome.

Best practices refer to the activities that are superior to the other alternatives because it is more effective to deliver a particular outcome. The following are some of the best practices in purchasing that come under proactive buying.

  • Purchasing avoids defective supplies
  • Problems are shared responsibilities
  • Total cost and value are key variables instead of price
  • Buyers and suppliers contribute to the specification
  • Emphasize strategy

Purchasing professionals must not be mere managers, they must become respected leaders. They have to implement these best practices so they will gain respect for their function and department. A leader is the one who removes obstacles as well as provides resources to the organization. They need additional knowledge and tools to become leaders in their field.

World-Class Purchasing

All organizations wish to achieve world-class standards. How can you maintain world-class standards in purchasing? It requires deliberate effort from your part to raise the bar on your operations. The first step is to find the best suppliers. While choosing them, look for those who strive for continuous improvement, use cutting-edge technology, and are also adaptable.  

Qualities of a world-class purchaser

  • Team management
  • Decision making
  • Quantitative objective analysis
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategic thinking skills

Procurement is an integral part of the organization. Procurement professionals must encourage communication between different departments so that they can streamline operations. Professional training and certification are inevitable to gain an in-depth understanding of procurement as well as to become leaders in your organization. It will also help you explore several hidden opportunities for innovation in procurement that can transform your role and ultimately your organization.


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