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A Certification in  Purchasing management oversee all the facets of procurement in an organization, wholesale or a retail company. They have a wide variety of activities to be accomplished hiring, training and coordination such as purchasing agents, buyers who are fully involved in buying products.

They also handle discrepancies related to service of their products and for that, they have to negotiate with the contractors to successfully find the solution. After the purchase, they have to maintain the records of the inventory and makes sure the business has all the stock ready.

Duties of Purchasing Manager

A purchasing manager has to negotiate contracts to buy services, goods or commodities for the organization. If you work in this designation, your chief responsibility will be to attract the best deal and keep the cost at the minimum for the benefit of the business.

You may have to compare the past prices of products and research out with the latest trends to avoid losses. A thorough and deep knowledge of the industry or the purchased product is needed. Vice grip of supply chain management can also be utilized in the midst of the processes to get the full benefit to the business.

How to become certified?

There are numerous leading institution providing certified Purchasing manager training. If you own certified purchasing professional & manager certifications you can gain sufficient knowledge, experience and ethical standard for the candidate to work in a work environment.


According to various surveys by US Bureau of Statistics, it has been concluded that the average annual pay of the purchasing manager was $114130 in 2015 and another study has revealed the same designation can get between $42,608 and $97,409.

Educational Qualification Needed

This aspect depends on the requirement of the company in which you are going to work in. A fresher with a bachelor degree is enough to climb to the post while a master degree in business or economics can prove beneficial for you as it can help to get more skills in the purchasing field.

Initially, you may have to gain experience working at a lower post like assistant clerk or buyer followed by getting into the managerial field. A well famed trainers will be on to provide CPP training to the candidates and principally will try to enhance your analytical, math and decision making skills.

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