How to become a Certified Purchasing Professional

Make a difference in your organization with an international certification from the American Purchasing Society (APS), USA

The CPP CPPM certification is vital in making you a world-class purchasing professional. Employers today reward only those employees who have updated their knowledge and skills, and thereby are equipped to accomplish unprecedented outcomes. They expect their purchasing professionals to save on the costs, attain better operational performance, and minimize risk. And with that, we offer training to get a world class qualification in Purchasing and in SCM. How to become a Certified Purchasing Professional

How to become a Certified Purchasing Professional?

  • CPP/CPPM is one of the leading certifications for procurement professionals worldwide.
  • Certification indicates a high level of professionalism increasing one’s value in the market place.
  • Certification signifies your dedication to continuous improvement.
  • A survey done by a Purchasing Magazine revealed that certified professionals earn 48% more salary than non certified professionals.

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