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A company that need to arrange formal business agreements with another company often employs one or more contract managers. The role of these managers is to coordinate the deal-making process and ensure that both parties know their deliverables, rights and responsibilities. The legally binding nature of the field requires that its professionals are highly knowledgeable and skilled in every particular of commercial contract management.

So, it is important for Commercial Contract Managers Training and certification. One of the esteemed certifications for aspiring contract managers is the CICCM (Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager) certification offered by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute (IPSCMI). Here is more info in this regard.

The Role of Commercial Contract Managers

As mentioned earlier, commercial contracts management involves establishing deals between firms. This encompasses several stages – from the initial proposal submission, to the terms agreement transaction, to renovation or termination of the expired contract. Professional contract managers also elucidate, implement and direct existing contracts.

As stated initially at the opening of this article, a company may have one or more contract mangers to look after all particulars of their commercial contracts management. A firm with complex operations employs a team of experts to work jointly on the various phases of the process. Depending on their seniority level and role, the responsibility of these professionals will differ. However, companies prefer employing certified contract managers even for entry-level positions so that they can tactically handle their complicated job.

The Benefits of CICCM Certification

The Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager (CICCM) tag imparts the candidate with a higher professional status in the field of purchasing and supply chain management. The training provided for this certification helps you develop and refine contract -making and -managing skills in the international commercial environment. It also equips you with the know-how of the execution of contract life cycle and the avoidance of usual pitfalls. Thus, the CICCM program empowers you to enter a managerial position in any one of the diverse sectors of international economy.

The Course outline of the CICCM Program

The course imparts knowledge, skills and understanding in various concepts under the following heads –

  • Contracts

  • Influence of laws

  • Best practices

  • Contract pricing principles

  • Bid process and rules

  • Contract types

  • Tender process

  • Requirements – definition and description

  • Drafting guidelines and recommendations

  • Selecting appropriate contract types

  • Contract administration and close out

  • Change orders and modifications  Financial administration of the contract


Training for CICCM Certification

IPSCMI ties up with individual alliance partners to provide Training for  CICCM certification. One of its partners is the Blue Ocean Academy, UAE. This academy offers world class training for this certification by imparting knowledge from industry experienced trainers, and by conducting practical oriented training sessions.

The Blue Ocean Academy invites interested candidates in the UAE to enroll in its CICCM training program, and get benefitted!

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