The Secret to Sustaining and Finding Jobs-In the Age of COVID19- Free Webinar

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Finding jobs has become a herculean task after the spread of the pandemic. Several individuals have lost their jobs and many others are on the verge of job loss. People are looking for ways in which they can sustain or find new jobs. The free webinar conducted by Blue Ocean Academy on the topic ‘Secret to Sustaining & Finding Jobs-In the Age of Covid-19’ addressed this most significant query of the individuals.

The webinar was facilitated by Percy J. Engineer, who is a seasoned professional highly regarded as an influencer, career coach, and facilitator of change enhancing and contributing mightily towards the development of multicultural professionals across the globe. 

Around 100 individuals attended the webinar that gave practical tips to thrive in the current market. Following are the important points that were discussed in the webinar:

Tough market conditions can make you anxious. However, anxiety and fear cannot help in securing your future. Maintaining a positive attitude is extremely important in this situation. It is the right time to get equipped with some new skills to add value to your career as well as your organization. A professional certification can help you to stand out in the market and prove your expertise and knowledge in your specific industry.

Job skills in the post-pandemic world

Your experience and knowledge in your industry may not be sufficient to sustain in the current market. You will need to go the extra mile to come out of this crisis successfully. Given below are the most important skills needed for the post-pandemic world:

  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Tech-savvy
  • Critical thinking
  • Digital and coding skills
  • Leadership
  • Commit to a lifetime of learning

Practical tips to prepare for the interview

The interview is a crucial step in your job hunt. Impressing the employer is not as simple as you think. Here are some practical tips that will dramatically increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Describe your experiences and strengths
  • Do mock interviews to improve your confidence
  • Send a thank-you note to the employer after the interview
  • Create a highly-professional LinkedIn account that showcases your achievements

Important tips to get hired

  • Do research about the company you’re applying to
  • Focus on industries that are hiring
  • Follow up, but not too much
  • Learn new skills

Qualities of employees

While going for an interview, individuals should think about the qualities that the companies are expecting from the employees. Following are the important qualities required for employees:

  • Dedication: Employees must be committed to the growth of their organization.
  • Accountability: Employees should take personal accountability for their actions.
  • Innovation: They always need to look for innovative solutions and apply them to their organization for better outcomes.
  • Resilience: They should be flexible in terms of changes adopted by the company.

A usual mistake that the candidates always make is that they focus on how the company is going to benefit them. Instead, they will have to tell the employer how their skills will add value to the organization. A change in your mindset and acquiring additional skills relevant to your specific industry will take you closer to your career goals.

Enroll for an online professional certification now and bring the much-needed change in your career.


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