Two Prestigious Certifications for Purchasing Professionals

Certifications enhance one’s skills, knowledge and understanding; widen one’s job opportunities; make one highly esteemed in the organization he or she is working for; and increases one’s salary. Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP) and Certified Purchasing Professional Manager (CPPM). These are designed and offered by the American Purchasing Society (APS). These equip candidates to efficiently handle their role in the purchasing profession. For, the role of purchasing has taken new dimensions over time. The Evolved Role of Purchasing Earlier the role of purchasing was to get things at the lowest possible price. Often times, this compensated on the quality and a good relationship with the supplier. These concepts started changing with time. Purchasing evolved to be a cost-saving function. It was accomplished through improving products or processes, or developing suppliers. Today, purchasing plays an important role on the core of the organization, directly affecting two factors that drive profit- costs and sales. Therefore, purchasing now involves finding suppliers, establishing connections with them, and bringing useful expertise into the organization. CPP and CPPM Program The CPP and CPPM certifications are the two most valuable certifications in the world of purchasing. The CPP is the basic level program and CPPM is the advanced level. One can opt to get certified with both CPP and CPPM or opt for CPP certification alone. Why get CPP and CPPM Certified? This is a time of extended economic downturn. So, every company wants to lower its expenses in the supply chain to withstand sluggish top line growth. They look for educated, trained and skilled purchasing candidates for the same. The CPP and CPPM certification demonstrate the knowledge and skillsets of the candidates to potential employers, and give them a better chance to grab the job. They also get to earn better than their uncertified counterparts. One of APS’ nationwide survey found that CPP certified candidates made 23.4% higher wages than uncertified purchasing and supply chain professionals. If CPP candidates make better wages, it is obvious that CPPM certification will earn them still better wages. Training for CPP and CPPM Programs Training for CPP and CPPM certifications are offered by the Blue Ocean Academy in UAE. The institute is renowned for its world-class training provided by highly qualified industry experts. It helps candidates who are hard pressed for time to complete both the courses at one single go with its fast-track mode. CPP and CPPM Program - Modules Training for the CPP-CPPM program is presented under the following modules.
  • Introduction to purchasing

  • Procurement method

  • Procurement planning

  • Negotiation strategies

  • Sources of supply

  • Solicitation

  • Contracts

  • Supplier ratings

  • Purchasing and strategy development

  • International sourcing

  • Purchasing management

  • Purchasing consulting

  • Essentials of international trading

  • Management

  • Strategic management

Those candidates who want to take up the training for the Purchasing management certifications are invited to avail it from the Blue Ocean Academy. Register Today for Purchase management certification :

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