Why Get Six Sigma Green Belt Certified?

  Six Sigma Certified professionals in Dubai improves the quality, productivity and profitability of the organization. Get Six Sigma Green Belt in Dubai Sigma is a set of tools and techniques used for improving processes. It was first introduced for Motorola by engineers- Mikel J Harry and Bill Smith. Today, it has evolved as an independent discipline of its own. It seeks to enhance the output quality of a process by recognizing and eliminating the defect causing agents and minimizing variability in business and manufacturing processes. Thus, Six Sigma Green Belts are professionals who work on the process improvement teams of a company to generate near-perfect services and products. The International Quality Federation, USA offers the six sigma green belt certification (SSGB). Here are the benefits of getting SSGB certified. Widens job prospects Employing Six Sigma Certified professionals and executing Six Sigma enables organizations to enjoy drastic improvements in their quality, productivity and profitability. This realization is increasingly spreading among the organizations today. So, diverse industries including banking, retail, manufacturing, purchasing, and supply chain management and logistics, seek employing Six Sigma certified individuals in roles including senior IT project managers, project engineers, performance excellence directors, data scientists, business process analysts, operating system specialists, reliability engineers, process development engineers, compliance structural engineers, lead manufacturing engineers, warehouse operations managers, and lean six sigma consultants. Imparts skills and knowledge The SSGB certification program enables delegates to master application skills while widening their theoretical understanding. This equips delegates with the Six Sigma problem solving methodology (DMAIC) and statistical tools to lead Six Sigma projects effectively and coordinate efficiently with Black Belts in carrying out breakthrough projects. Demonstrates one’s commitment to improvement By enrolling into the SSGB certification program, diverse professionals including management consultants, production and materials managers, commercial managers, finance managers, quality system managers, operations managers, high potential employees, and HR managers display their commitment to improve their career and their organization. Increases your pay It is a well known fact that certifications enable people to earn higher wages. Since they put to use their newly learnt skills, they are better equipped than their uncertified colleagues. Studies have revealed that certified professionals are paid forty eight percent higher pays than their fellow workers without certifications. Provides you with a professional designation After successfully completing the SSGB training, delegates are conferred with the Six Sigma Green Belt designation. They can apply this designation after their names in their letter pads, resumes, email signatures, business cards, etc. So, taking up the SSGB certification program can definitely be worthy of your money, time and efforts. Additional advantages are that you can complete this course in a very short duration of 120 hours; and that you do not need any prerequisite to enroll into this course. So, we encourage you to take up this program from the Blue Ocean Academy!

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