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Certified supply chain manager is a certified training course which offers a classroom mode of study to the candidates worldwide started especially for the logistics professionals as well as for freshers which would help them to carve out an exciting career.

It is equivalent to a what is called a prestigious qualification tag behind your name and is recognized all over the world. Owning this certification will help you as a fresher or professional to learn new skills and innovations to deal with modern shipping methods and distribution methods.

In the present scenario of the global market, the demand is being replaced by heads of enterprises from the mere presence of logistics where you can define and create new processes and make sure that they are consistent with all new procedures.

Career Advancement Areas

Supply chain Professional training program will enhance your procurement skills, give in-depth knowledge on the topic, learn the best practices in supply chain and finally it offers a globally recognized certificate for career advancement. The course will help the candidate to think out of the box and due to this structural design of the course, it is of great demand.

The certificate is crucial for carving out a world-class purchasing professional and aids them to work more efficiently and professionally in a workplace. Employers nowadays refuse to reward their employees for their skills shown towards the job. CISCM training is designed in such a way that it helps you to gain knowledge of modern and upcoming trends and get an unprecedented result while performing in the workplace.

The training is aimed at providing skills to save money, reduce risk factors and give better performance in a job. Studies have revealed that certified supply chain managers get 48% more salaries than others who don’t have it.

It helps you to create and develop a new niche with help of new insights and ideas in the professional world, gain new knowledge and get paid more from the employer and help you to reach the peak in the career journey without much difficulty. This is where the certification advantage is reflected.

What Do You Learn?

Topics in which you get expertise includes supply chain management, inventory, enterprise resource planning, material requirement planning, warehouse, quality and risk factors of SCM, procurement strategies used, negotiations, SCM drivers, international trade, operational excellence, contracts in SCM etc.

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