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Numerous certifications float around the professional arena for those who are looking for a jump in their career to do more challenging tasks in the supply chain area. These certifications does a inventive task of rendering the professionals into a more suitable candidate for the job market.

Benefits of Earning a Certified International Supply Chain Manager Position?

Supply Chain Certification got from a reputed firm will minimize the learning curve and help get into a more practical form of approach towards various supply chain matters and also with that you will get an all round idea about how to diagnose them in a much effective manner.

How a certification helps apart from your technical abilities?

Of course, critical thinking skills can be enhanced deeply but apart from that supply chain management program can raise your mental capacity to choose the best practice from the list of many and also raises your confidence level to compete with the current business strategies and stay ahead.

Do companies prefer candidates who have completed training programs?

As supply chain management training programs results out multiple benefits to the students, the firms hiring certainly will choose the candidate who are multi-faceted to the field of work and those having sufficient expertise to do the same. Here we enlists the certification that can aid you to keep apart from the competitor candidates and lead long in the future.

  • Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP):

The CISCP certification provides a master level of experience in choosing the best practices required for smooth running of the business and helps you to be recognized among the rest of the peers to experience a twist in the business. There are multiple advantages that can be availed such as delivering basic understanding of supply chain tasks. This certification program aims at improving the customer relations, international trade, logistics and permitting other supply chain functions.

  • Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM):

CSCM provides advanced level of training to the candidates on logistics and supply chain field to lift you up to a seniority managerial position and widely aims at enhancing tactical facets of logistics and supply chain management. Earning a CISM tag will keep you apart from the rest of the peers in aspects like qualifications, expertise in the field etc. An easy transition of the position from managerial to a professional can be accomplished if we pass through this certification.

Apart from the above mentioned certifications, Blue Ocean offers various others based on the area of your interest and the industry in which you are specialized.

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