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Blue Ocean Academy introduces Workx.
Workx is designed for the recruitment and talent management needs of organizations. Workx will be your perfect Talent Management Partner to help you find the right candidate at the right time.

Why Workx?

Right from preparing effective job descriptions, searching for talents, verifying their backgrounds to making them successful at their jobs, we ensure that your investment in human resources will reap a rich harvest.

We make Talent Management a hassle-free process

Our services
Workx offers an array of services to the employers thereby making recruitment easier like never before.

  • Executive assessments- Don’t settle for less, we will give you the best
  • Employee verification- No need to take anything for granted, we will verify each candidate
  • HR consulting- Provide a strategic edge to an organization with the right human capital
  • Organizational development consulting- Transform your business for the better
  • Organizational culture development- Let your employees work for a common goal
  • HR audit- Evaluate your HR processes in light of your organizational strategies

Contact us: www.workxme.com