Why Should you take up the CISCP Program?

CISCP stands for Certified International Supply Chain Professional. It is a two step qualification offered by the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute, USA. This core certification program of the institute is offered as CISCP in entry level and as CISCM (Certified International Supply Chain Manager) in the advanced level. This article discusses how you would benefit by taking up the program. You Earn Global Recognition This globally recognised prestigious qualification imparts logistics professionals with new skills and innovations needed to handle modern production, shipping and distribution methods. This is necessary in the current world market which is shifting its demands from ordinary logistic professionals to experts who can create and define new processes which are consistent with the latest procedures. You Earn Far Higher Salary Certifications give a niche to candidates in the professional world. The new knowledge which they have acquired helps them to get paid far better; and thus easily climb to the career peaks. This is a proven fact as studies also have shown that such certified professionals earn forty eight percent higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. You Earn a Professional Designation Upon the successful completion of the program, you are granted the designation of CISCP or CISCM. You can use this designation just the way similar recognition are employed in medicine, accounting, law, insurance, and other professions. You can either use the acronym or the full form after your name on your stationery, letter pads, business cards, etc. Your Knowledge and Skills Widens The training program introduces you to the ideas of international transportation and logistics as these apply to the global supply chain management. This imparts an understanding of the principles of supply chain management, business logistics, and international governmental regulations influencing material sourcing and product selling. Further, this certification program also intends to highly discipline, motivate and self-initiate you. Offers You with the Convenience of Location This program comes with a unique delivery modality. It is designed to be offered on-site at any governmental agency or company which seeks to directly bring the program to its employees. Furthermore, this program can also be delivered online using effective online learning course ware like Blackboard. Such delivery modules offer higher convenience by decreasing missed work hours, travel time and incidental costs, which usually are collected from students in the form of fees. So, why wait as an ordinary supply chain and logistics worker, while you can be an expert at such a minimal effort? We encourage you to go ahead and enrol yourself in the CISCP course program.

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